When your song is recorded, send me your Pro Tools session or audio files. Upload via my dedicated page, or any file transfer site you prefer.


I will professionally mix your music, using my hybrid digital/analog mix studio. I will then provide you with a high quality mix for you to evaluate.

Listen to the mix on your familiar playback system, for as long as you like. All revisions are included in the price.

Once you have an approved mix and you are 100% happy, I will send you the final mix package. This will include all the versions, ready for mastering, 

Check Some Previous Work

Having previously worked alongside Yoad Nevo on gold & platinum productions, I currently work with independent musicians, bands & composers from all around the world - with my work garnering an iTunes Number 1 Placement Amazon No 1 best seller. 

I love to mix many genres of music. To me, music is music. I am equally comfortable in any style of music, and can pour my heart and soul into it regardless of the style. No matter your genre, I would love to talk to you about your project, and see what we can do to make it amazing.

My Services

Studio Engineering

As a studio engineer I will work closely with you to facilitate the recordings of your performances.

I can help you in your creative process or stay out of the way and let you do your magic. I respect the artists music and always strive to bring out the most of the production.

Professional Mixing

As a mixer I will polish your recordings and make them not only sound great, but feel great as well.

I'll make sure your music will translate well on every playback system and will hit the listener with the impact it was intended. I'll use as many or as little FX as necessary and will do what ever I can to make your music sound at it's best.



High Quality Mastering

The final polish before your song hit's the radio. I'll make sure your song has the loudness and tonality necessary for CD, radio and streaming.

Due to the ever increasing number of codecs and playback standards, I will deliver multiple formats for you that will work with every platform you release your music on. I also offer Vinyl mastering; please contact me for details or see the FAQ for more information.

Stem Mastering

A half way solution between mixing and mastering. If you already have your mix ready, but are missing those final 15%, then send me your song broken down to up to 6 stems and I will take it through the finish line for you.

Please contact for details or see the FAQ for more information.

Reviews / Testimonials

Again Martin delivered amazing work. All my wishes were taken very seriously, and also some good advise was given to make it sounds better. I am really happy!

//Misato T.

Wow it sounds beautiful...Like a dream come true.

//Shruti J.

Very reliable and extremely professional. I can't recommend Martin higly enough.

//Jason S.

Martin is an extremely friendly, very talented and hard working mixer delivering top notch quality.

//Jan H.