It was first time working with Martin. ‘Pro’ explains it all. It’s been really great working with him, very satisfied.
— Chungy L.
Wow it sounds beautiful... Like a dream come true
— Shruti J.
Martin has worked wonders on my song. It sounds great!
— David G.
Very reliable and extremely professional. I can’t recommend Martin highly enough.
— Jason S.
Martin is an extremely friendly, very talented and hard working mixer delivering top notch quality.
— Jan H.
Martin is absolutely passionate about music and knows how to make it sound perfect.
— George Y.
Martin’s detailed involvement in projects is very rare in the scene. Always a pleasure working with him. 
— Sameer R.
Again Martin delivered amazing work. All my wishes were taken very seriously, and also some good advise was given to make it sounds better. I am really happy!
— Misato T.
We were looking for someone to mix , master our electro - acoustic stuff. Many have tried, (and complained 😉) but Martin just did it right and left everyone else far behind. Great work!
— Mateusz D.
It was a great experience. I want to work with Martin on my future projects. Martin is a very talented mixer and mastering engineer. Thanks Martin.
— Araz Q.
Excellent to work with Martin! One of the best!
— Andrew W.